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OOORALE®USA Spanish weekly magazine was established eight years ago, by a group of professional’s in the field of innovative publishing & marketing.










We educate and give recognition to the Hispanic community for its social, cultural and economic contribution. Readers use us as a resource and activity guide.










Some of our editorial content includes: Local News, Services, Health & Nutrition, Entertainment, Community, Calendar of Events and much more.










Our weekly readership is an average of 815,000. OOORALE®USA is available in over 5000 retail outlets including in heavily Hispanic areas of Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Orange County, and Kern County.










A recent Marketing research study revealed strong evidence of the importance and trust that OOORALE®USA reader place in their magazine.










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Q : ” Do you frequently purchase products or services from ads seen in OOORALE®USA?”










A: 80% said “Yes!”










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